100 mile club

I joined the 100 mile swim club at the YMCA. in January 2020. The challenge presented at the pool says "Come join the Y 100 mile swim club."So I joined and if's very simple... keep track of your miles; write it in a log book and move the  marker with your name printed on it. There is a wall chart with big round numbers 1-100. I'm currently on mile 12.

I'm developing a strategy: First of all I love swimming. So that part is easier than if I really didn't enjoy it.  
Even though I really love to swim; before this challenge I was only swimming about 2x per month and never swimming an entire mile at a time.

So in January doing my first mile swim; I decided ahead of time that I would only swim a half mile. Since it was my first attempt.
After the 1/2 mile; I finished so soon that I decided to swim the second 1/2. Giving me day one for me my first mile.

Lesson one: Try something that interest you.

Lesson two: If you have doubts about yourself; don't believe it.

Lesson three: Doing something positive is always making you a winner.

Lesson four: Keep calm through the realms unknown or unsure.

In the 100 mile club 

there is a fundraiser : a swim-a-thon.
 the fundraiser is for drowning prevention. I can't think of a better cause for a swimming fundraiser.

I posted these pics because the water fountain is a reminder to me one mile at a time; and that in the end it keeps adding up and you end up with 100 miles!!! The Pacific Ocean Picture.


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