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3 weeks of staying at home

It has been 3 weeks of stay at home order. It hasn't been so bad for me....I have my husband, and also live with 3 of my adult children and of course our wonderful dog Karma.  Thankfully  everyone is healthy and no signs of the Corona Virus. But not going to the YMCA and not being able to visit with my girlfriends is well....not enjoying this. However it is sunny and I go out on my deck and occasionally walk outside. My husband set up my bike in stationary mode in a bedroom, I usually go to spin class and this is the closest thing that I have. I can do Yoga on my own; or follow a Yoga video. All of us get along so amazingly well; that living together round the clock isn't too difficult. We enjoy each other's company.  I'm hearing we may have another month to add to the stay at home order.  I'm sure it will end. But everyone of us are going to be different in one or many ways. My youngest son 21; has read one book about stock trading and is now reading ano

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