Leap Day 2020

Leap Day 2020 February 29, 2020

Today was a Saturday...but I treated it as a special Saturday.

Usually I am going to the store for something. Leap Day this year I drove no place. What a treat. I stayed home all day. Walking around the neighborhood was nice and letting my dog Karma play with the neighbor's dog in their yard.

So mainly the same but I realized my family wanted me to go to the store for them...I stated plainly: I am staying home.

Well, They all drive and can get anything they like....

So for Leap Day, I only made small changes to my day.  Staying home instead of running errands. It felt peaceful. I read, did 3 loads of laundry. 

Members of my family asked me to go get them Girl Scout Cookies, Go to the store for some particular groceries, Go get fast food for them at Arbys. Yeah, a lot of junk food. I simply stated: I'm not driving today. They didn't ask why; just accepted my response. The girl scout cookies came into the house via my 21 year old son. Cookies were being sold out side his work. So that was an easy purchase. I however did not eat any....as my Leap year resolution is to not buy nor consume Girl Scout Cookies.  That is a big leap because I easily buy 25 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies per year.  How many cookies do I eat?...well let's say way too many and enough to gain about 10 pounds. 

As for Arbys no one went...so no fast food brought into the house.  If I don't drive any place on Saturday my family will adjust by getting it themselves or doing with out.

Leap Day observation: Be more mindful. Plan ahead so that I don't have to run around. Saying "no" to some of my family's requests. Yeah, especially if it isn't necessary. These are the few things that I have learned from this Leap Day reflection.


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