My 58th Birthday

 My 58th Birthday was a success.  I spent the day at the Nude Spa with my friend KK.  We were in the hot tubs which had cool water and others with Hot.  There were also a Sauna and steam room.  We had lunch which the food was Vegan and delicious.  Then we experienced the other rooms…the charcoal room, the hot room and the salt room.  Very relaxing experience.  Then for the main event was the Scrub.  For 45 minutes one woman scrubbed my naked body from top to bottom. Then flipped me over and did the same again. I loved it. Then more hot tub and then shower and on our way to The Getaway. Which is a tavern near out house and Thursday is 2 for 1 tacos.  I don’t eat tacos but most of my friends enjoy them.  I met up with some girlfriends that I wanted to be with and they came and gave me gifts which was nice.  

My favorite part about the Getaway is there is one corner that looks just like a living room.  It has a big red couch and other nice chairs and lamps as you would see in a home. The interior walls are beautiful blonde color.   Rich my husband met up with me there and took me home after visiting some more with everyone.

It just makes such a big difference to say hey I want to be with you all on my birthday.  And amazingly it will happen.


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