My birthday is tomorrow..... I will be 58  Every year I do not make any plans at all and don't do anything special.  But as for my 58th birthday I am doing what I want.  I'm going to a Spa with a friend in the morning.  This I asked to do... and we're doing it. So something very new to me...going to a Spa where at times you are nude....I'll talk about it after I experience it. So here Kahlia will be here to pick me up at 9. The whole day at the Spa.  and we are going to have lunch there. She's driving Shelly. Maybe we need to do a whole big page on Shelly.  Green Forester 1999.  Yeah Baby.  We are doing well.

Then after the Spa experience we will shower and put on our party clothes.  Because again my idea because it is after all my birthday.  We are going to the is a a Tavern nearby. We will go there around 3 and meet at the red couch.


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