Catalina Island

 I’m at Catalina Island right now with my husband and his 2 brothers. They are running the Catalina Island Marathon. Which from what I can see and hear about is extremely rugged and very steep throughout. They are taken in a boat about 4 in the morning and dropped off at the other end of the Island. Then they have to run 26 miles back to the tiny town of Avalon. Nothing but raw earth until the last 3 miles where they are welcomed by a lined street of cheering crowds. I’ll be there to cheer them on and greet them. While they are working hard on their marathon; I’ll be doing a 10K. Which will be challenging enough for me. Also with in a half hour I’ll be swimming in an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. Which is something I truly love but it will have it’s moments of being very uncomfortable in the icy waters. 


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