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Memorial Day 2018 Remembering my father Edward McDonald O’Neal
Born: June 5, 1923 Died: May 25, 1978
Today what I remember most about my Father is his kindness and generosity. He had cancer starting in his kidney that traveled to his lungs. He was 54 and knew he had cancer and fought it as hard as he  could and he fought 3 years. I saw him in the beginning lived his life as always and then toward the end he was getting to know God by going to church. I went with him when he asked me to attend. My Father’s weakness was difficult to watch. 
But towards the end when funeral plans were discussed and he was still living; his request was very firm and that was to donate his body to Science. Any piece of him that was useful was given to the blind and the rest was given to medical research. His hope was that through the doctors research they could find a cure for Cancer and understand it better. It was a true gift to helping future people with cancer. 
So it’s Memorial Day and I remember my …

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